7 ways to make money using digital marketing.

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Hey everybody this is NEW JEm. Anyway guys do you want to make money online or offline. I’ll tell you 7 path that you can earn money after taking this digital marketing knowledge so let’s start now……..

The first way….
you can earn money is through selling ebooks if you have any hobby if you have any knowledge on anything like you are a teacher, you are a fitness freake,or maybe you are an artist, you play guitar, or you are a photographer, you have any knowledge you can put that knowledge in the form of an e-book and you can sell that on the platforms like eBay or maybe on Amazon, flipkart and there are several other platforms as well which can help you sell these ebooks starting and ranging from anywhere between $2 to $15 depending upon the kind of subject or the ebook. that you are creating so this was the first ways which can help you make money online.

The second way…
that you can make money on the Internet is through creating a YouTube channel. I pick up now YouTube channel create cut suck they hair and when people will be watching your videos. there will be a lot of views you can place ads on your YouTube channel and this way Google Adsense will be paying you for running those ads for them so this is the second way that can help you make money.

The third way…
that you can make money is through becoming an affiliate marketer. you can sell or you can promote any other businesses or company’s product on your own blog or on your YouTube channel or any way on the internet like social media. you can sell those product and become an affiliate marketer. It is old industry too which has started from 1998 and the people who are already into this business. they are creating in six figures money so they are creating a lot of money.

The fourth way…
that can help you make money online is that if you have a family business. You can promote your brand on internet like make your site and promoting on social media.

The fifth way…
Creating money online is through start creating ecommerce website when you pursue this course you will be able to create world-class level of websites without any technical knowledge and when you create a website and e-commerce website for any business your profit might range anywhere between ten thousand to fifty thousand so this is one of the ways of making money online.

Sixth way….
that you can make money is that you can start your own advertising company and you can help businesses to promote their products or services online and for your services that you will be giving to them you can charge them anywhere ranging from five thousand till fifty thousand.

The seventh way…
that you can make money is that after you gain this knowledge this digital marketing knowledge you can apply for a job in the digital marketing field and if you have zero years of experience your salary will range anywhere from fifteen thousand to forty thousand and let’s say if you have some experience of one year to here or three year you can apply for all those managerial positions as well and the companies are paying very good packages starting or ranging anywhere between five lakh to fifteen lakhs for you.

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