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I’m going to talk about India’s most affordable and most trusted web hosting provider domain results in mid domain research. you can create your own WordPress website eCommerce upset with ease. you get maximum uptime here high speed at low cost and even the renewal post is not there and compared to other providers. they have got very affordable hosting packages and they give you 24/7 online support guys and along with that the best thing here is they are the Indian company. that’s why they’re hosting servers are based out of India so compared to the other providers whose servers are based on UK on us. they get the maximum speed. here okay so with domain dresser you get the Indian servers and you get the maximum speed guys. okay! and if you don’t have any technical or coding knowledge then also you can build your own website guys using the free website builder and free templates and each hosting package comes with full access to cPanel.they give you unlimited bandwidth unlimited SSD storage with free SSL certification guys so all these things. I will show you now I’m take you to their website and I’ll show you each and everything about the hosting now.

let’s get started so guys here, we are so as you can see. this is the home page SSD Plus Light speed 16x faster special WordPress magnet to end business need best web hosting service for your website. so, you can see over thirty seven thousand plus websites are hosted here 23 thousand fine, two plus active host, 5d plus dedicated servers service, speed ninety nine percent uptime guaranteed, three percent faster speed, highest computing power cloud-based SSB service, free SSL certificate and from here you can get domain names if you want to buy domain names also you can buy from here guys. sixty percent off on SSD hosting currently and here’s the reseller hosting for businesses amazing fast hosting solution. you get shared hosting your reseller hosting here and VPS hosting. we’ll talk about the various packages under these categories soon. thanks to can see free site builder because not everyone is web developer. 20x faster hosting ecommerce tools. we have set backups free SSL certificate unlimited space and bandwidth secure IMAP email .cPanel easy to access highly managed services so this wasn’t over you about from products.

Now let’s go to web postings section so here we will see all the packages under web hosting. so, you can see your guys there are total four packages basic personal silver and advanced the basic package costs just 59 Indian rupees per month. where you can host a single web site 1 GB SSD space, 10 email ids, 5 GB bandwidth and Lightspeed technology. that’s where technology comes with each package so. next one is personal which cost 99 rupees per month .silver cost 169 per month and advance cost 249 rupees per month and the most recommended here is the silver package where you can host 3 websites unlimited SSD storage, unlimited email ids, unlimited bandwidth and flat speed technology and here every package. you can buy in terms of one year two year or three year duration higher duration. you buy you get maximum discount here you can see for three year of package you get 24 percent discount so that’s how it is so.

now let’s go to the reseller hosting so the reseller hosting is for those people who build multiple websites for their clients. it’s basically for the businesses and it has also got four plans here first one is mini plan which cost 250 rupees per month comes with 12 cPanel accounts, 20 GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, cpanel plus Lightspeed and one whM same account. next is startup plan for 90 rupees per month gets 25 cPanel accounts and the growth plan gets 50 cPanel accounts and the success plan gets 70 cPanel accounts. you can read all the features here then the next thing is VPS hosting Virtual Private servers are built from the ground using all storage here increased power flexibility and get full control for your business. this is basically for big businesses as you can see the first package cost 479 to peace, second one 719 rupees per month and third one is thousand 1299 rupees per month and finally let’s get to the affiliate section this section is for everyone who can become affiliate under domain reserve and on commissions for each purchase they make by referring others as you can see connect with the best web hosting affiliate recurring programs on a seventy percent commission so here you are Commission per sale guys the commission rate increases with each sale. as you can see for the first ten sales you get 30% Commission, next 20 sales you get 40% and for you get 50 more than 50 says if you make successfully you get 70% Commission’s guys and you can see on request payment policy. you can get the affiliate payout at any time requested and you can see low minimum payout threshold the threshold point they have set at 100 US dollars how to on minimum 100 US dollars to withdraw so guys that’s all about domination com India’s most trusted and most affordable web hosting provider. I give the direct link in the from ( here. you can visit the website so guys that’s all in this article I hope this article is helpful to you.

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