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Biomechanical Engineering Jobs

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“Biomechanical engineering focuses on all aspects of human movement and how it may affect human performance. It is a means of pursuing precise design of body structures with the goal of improving their performance, health and longevity”

The professional field of Biomechanical Engineering is concerned with the design, manufacture, development, optimization, and enhancement of biomechanical components and systems and the conduct of research in the area. The adoption of new theories of motion by biomechanical engineers has made advances in sports and their human performance, biomechanical stability, biomechanics of application, and biomechanical control.

Current areas of research involve the application of biomechanical principles to processes within human bodies and the application of these principles to natural and engineered systems. The individual efforts of scientists and engineers make scientific progress possible and enable the implementation of new technologies for improvement of human performance.

Medical Robotics

Medical Robotics can do anything to assist a human body in maintaining function. Most of the time we are able to take a chance and let the technology, the doctors, and the hospital take care of it. While this may be the best option to save a life, the more intelligent medical robots are already taking this basic human requirement of self-preservation into account. They have robotic arms that will not only perform actions but also send signals to a central computer that actually helps the patient.

Jobs and Scope

Biomechanical engineering is a multi-discipline field that involves engineering, mathematics, mechanics, art, and philosophy. The goal is to design an adaptive humanoid robot that will serve to improve our society.

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