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There is a general acceptance that civil engineering is all about more and better materials. Building materials affect both the building materials used and the people who are exposed to the materials. You might see the material area applied to a pipe casing to reduce lead migration. With that “you might see a reduction in chemical leaching” the materials by themselves might not “lead to Leakage”, but it will “make it more difficult for the materials to leach”.

We have gone from scientific to technological in engineering, the realm of the human mind and the natural world.

If our laboratories had not been destroyed by giant attackers, war or some other necessity (for example, power was being transmitted to the Parliament building in London by smokeless electricity), the era of Edison, Somervell and others, would not have been, as it was. No technological advances were made while the Civil Engineering time lasted. And there is no reason for us to ever expect a renewed age of accelerated progress.

Jobs and Scope

Civil Engineering is one of the last great human pursuits. Even the steam engine and the electricity bus and the transistor look old by comparison. Compare this to the use of another term commonly used by WBEs: Vibration frequency. Basically the duration at which a sound level can propagate. A higher vibration frequency means a more severe noise exposure.



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