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A cloud architect collects, compiles, and integrates a wealth of management and automation software from various industry players to create a scalable infrastructure that can be scaled down to very small clusters for small, single-instance workloads. Asynchronous at scale for 99.999% of the time.

Full Stack Common Case: A cloud architect builds, manages, and operates full-stack cloud infrastructure from scratch that is already highly scalable in an enterprise setting. Complete operational control over the backend of their company and a highly compelling product.

Here is a quick summary of a 1-3 years tenure at a CIO, often both CIO and cloud architect at the same time. The work involves developing architecture on the data center- as complex as designing/designing a complex server farm.

  1. Establish an architecture, planning, and prioritization.
  2. Establish a technology direction, technology infrastructure, IT-wide standards, and a technology strategy.
  • Creating a Development and Operations cadence that aligns the development and operations that are CIO-led or shared by IT leaders.
  1. Document project plans and acquisition campaigns.
  2. Establish Capabilities and Requirements to drive strategic change.

Jobs and Scope

This kind of infrastructure gives the business a chance to focus on their mission-critical infrastructure instead of the operational aspects of a cloud-based solution.

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