Engineering Jobs and Scope

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Engineers deal with a range of different problems, from how to recycle waste water and get power from an unused fire hydrant to building systems to monitor traffic, maintain train speeds and flow, and fix fluid leaks. Engineers manage and control a range of systems that are part of everyday life. It’s quite a lot of work to do.

First of all, there’s absolutely no way you can be an engineer and be good at stuff that is not tech. Engineers need to be good with logic, people, machines, doing engineering. In what other occupation do you need to be good at more than one of these things? So in a basic way an engineer could fail in any other job in a field that involves things that have to do with machines. If I did a line-by-line analysis of an engineer’s work I’d find that they can’t really be good at whatever they do (even if there was a master’s degree) without being smart in other fields. Then there are many industries that people of different backgrounds don’t tend to have that engineering.

Jobs and Scope

About 1.2 million American jobs were lost to automation, in the year 2000. Some of them were found in manufacturing, where automation was used on a large scale, especially for long-range precision work. This one included devices to help weld by eye, cutting machines that fit sharp clamps together, cutting wheels that did more than 40 jobs, and grinder machines that did about 1,200 jobs. Robots are now capable of doing even more in similar jobs.

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