How to Get Backlinks By “Stealing” From Low-Quality Pages

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You explore for something on Google, you click through to a page and you think that to yourself: What within the world? How is that this ranking on the primary page of Google? Rather than getting frustrated, think differently. Because this is often the right opportunity for you to induce backlinks from pages that probably don’t deserve them today. And during this video, I’m visiting show you ways to find a lot of those pages, find thousands of link prospects, and find more backlinks asap. Stay tuned.  What’s up SEOs? So let’s start with this link building tutorial and find plenty of relevant link prospects. Shall we? Alright, that the initiative is to seek out a page that features a lot of quality links, and ideally, their content should be subpar at the best. The best thanks to find these pages is to travel to Ahrefs Content Explorer and kind in an exceedingly seed keyword that’s associated with your niche.

So I’ll use “protein powder” for our example. And since we’re trying to find pages that are of “low quality,” an honest place to start out are articles that were published a long time ago. And we’re right down to a listing of around 270 results. Finally, I’m visiting set the word count filter to pages with but 1,000 words. Now, I’m not saying that articles with less than 1,000 words are inferiority. But generally, content length is commonly the byproduct of a awfully thorough article. So it’s more of an “eyeball” metric on behalf of me. Alright, we now have 76 pages at this time, which may be a very manageable list to filter through. To make things even easier, I’m visiting sort these results by “search traffic” in descending order. More often than not, you will find that pages with good-quality link profiles get the most search traffic. And if these link profiles happen to be low-quality today, it’d reveal a low-competition topic that generates search traffic. Scrolling through the results, this one immediately stands bent me. Clicking through to the page, you will see that it’s just a curated list of images with links to separate recipe pages. From here, you’ll be able to click on the caret, and then open up the Backlink report back to scan and vet the standard of the backlinks. And it’s like there are some decent sites linking to the present page. Now, something that catches my eye on this report is that this page has links that go to an old URL, which was redirected a pair of times.

And this is often actually quite common for old content, because websites tend to consolidate pages as their site grows in size. So let’s investigate this redirected URL. In fact, they even had the simplest way you’ll be able to download them as a PDF. Not the prettiest, but an A for effort. But this post forces you to click through to a page just to work out the recipe. Not a good user experience in my opinion. Now if I were to form a post on this subject, there are two things that I’ve learned about stealing links from this page. So first, i might create some nice visuals and add printable PDFs for every recipe for a better user experience. Second, I’ve found a degree of leverage. But the key point is that you just should be able to create something that’s better, which will make it easier to formulate an honest pitch. So at this time, it is time to form your content. And the goal here is two-fold. #1. you wish to form something that’s better than the page you’ve found, but still on the same topic. So during this case, that will be “protein shake recipes.” And #2. If the page is getting organic search traffic, then you wish to understand which keywords they rank for therefore you’ll be able to optimize your page for maximum search traffic potential. So from inside Site explorer, you’ll be able to visit the Organic keywords report, which is able to show you all of the keywords that this page ranks for. From here, you’ll be able to try to extract some keywords that can act as subtopics for your post. I won’t go from now on into the particular content creation process, because we’re talking about link building here. Instead, I’ll show you a pair more ways to find relevant link prospects. The first way is to investigate the backlink profiles for the highest 10 ranking pages for your target keyword. So I’ll visit Ahrefs Keywords Explorer tool and enter in “protein shake recipes.” And from here, I’ll scroll right down to the underside of the page to workout.

From here, I’ll explore for posts that are similar to mine and see if there are the other backlink profiles I can hijack. These two look promising to me, which even follow the identical list post format because the original article we found. And it’s worth checking these articles to make sure that the pages are inferior to the content you create. on a post that you just think should have them. So from here, i’d head to each individual link profile of the low-quality pages, qualify link prospects, and add them to my outreach list. Now, you do not must stop at just your target keyword. The original article we were watching was called “50 Best Protein Shake AND Smoothie Recipes.” And again, we’ll go right down to the SERP overview. As you’ll see, there are some more potential opportunities that may be worth investigating. Another way to search out link prospects would be  11,000 results is far too many to travel through, so we’ll set a minimum number of referring domains to 30, which can give us about 118 pages with a minimum of 30 referring domains pointing at it. The thing with referring domains is that it can be misleading. Sometimes these linking sites won’t be of great quality. But we are able to actually export these results and throw them into Batch analysis tool to induce the URL rating for every page. And URL rating represents the strength of a page’s backlink profile. So I’ve already exported the results, ran my batch analysis with the Target mode set to URL, and sorted the table by URL rating. So supported these results, I’d probably want to reach intent on those that are linking to these two pages since they appear to possess decent link profiles and just by watching the URL, they seem to be relevant to what I’m creating.

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