Is Word Press really free?

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Is Word Press really free?


Obviously you should be concerned about whether or not you will be making money off of your website in the long-run, but unless you have a very big budget to develop your site, you probably aren’t going to have the manpower to do all of the heavy lifting you’d have to do on a site like yours.


We’ve already said that you’ll get the best results from Word Press if you’re an experienced Word Press developer, but for a really well-designed and developed product that is also easy to maintain, you’ll likely get just as many customers from free as you will from paid. So whether you’re building a large page site, or a blog, there are many people out there that will give your product a try.


Word press Theme


In short, there is no free Word Press theme or theme team. Every theme can be made absolutely completely free, although some may have paid add-ons. The only paid theme, WP Professional, has premium versions. That means it’s capable of generating revenue to a certain extent.


“What do you do if you absolutely need more traffic than what your traffic control model would allow? I don’t know of any system in the world that lets you go to a platform, declare you want to start paying, and go shopping.


Word Press is still free.


But, you may have to pay for certain plugins. If you plan on making a number of websites from one single Word Press site, then you should really consider buying some custom plugin and/or theme from a plugin market.


What are the search engines looking for when searching for a site? They are looking for links. And if you don’t link out to other websites when linking to your own site, then your site will be potentially rejected by search engines.

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