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The majority of BSPs report that they have a limited medical background or are completely clueless regarding medical conditions and treatments, which may result in their developing mistakes or stress. Thus, the aim of this training is to teach BSPs in basic medical knowledge and procedures that will enable them to perform better than the average Medical Assistant, thereby improving their job efficiency and productivity.

A busy Ego who wants to build a close communication with guides but is unable to perform his duties due to a slow or advanced physical condition. An individual who feels uncomfortable performing his duties due to a difficult spiritual environment. An individual who possesses strong potential but has not yet turned it into power.

Jobs and Scope

The training will be divided into three major stages: (1) Medical basic; (2) Medical understanding and physical exam; and (3) Medical check. Medical Assistant (MMA) not only provides care but can also channel and gather the best of the energy in the universe. MMA is a devoted to the service of humanity. However, they can also channel the inherent healing power of the universe to heal the most grievous of wounds. They maintain long and close communication with spirit Guides.

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