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Money Heist (La Casa De Papel) Season 4 Netflix Honest Review Part-1

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Consistency is a word I use often for a really good show that just keeps doing it. season after season money heist is very consistent. what is up Netflix fans welcome back to my Blog. it is the long-awaited return of money heist. we finally have part four season four. however, you want to look at it and of course, I need your comments down below which season is your favorite so far and of course, this is a non-spoiler review because the show just came out I will be most likely talking spoilers in a separate Articles and if you have any spoiler comments be sure to tag those with the spoiler tag just so. we’re not revealing things for others but I do want to give you guys my thoughts so in money heist season 4. we start in the midst of the madness after what happened in season 4 neuro bee is fighting for her life somehow a certain villainous character has managed to break free and the professor is dealing with. what he believes to be a significant loss.

let’s start with the negatives. I want to get those out of the way because I really enjoyed this season once again like I said it is a consistent show that constantly keeps me on my toes keeps me engaged and I’m craving a season 5 or a part 5. it’s one of those shows where you flesh out so many different characters and there are so many plot lines and plot threads that you have to pay attention to so many twists and turns along the way that at a point. I believe it could become overly convoluted. it hasn’t gotten there yet. they could keep stretching and eventually. I could get tired of this almost rinse and repeat formula because by the end of season 4 and of course.  we do clear a couple of storylines. we do suffer some dramatic losses in this season some very unexpected things happen to unexpected characters and that really left a left a hole in my heart. I’ll put it that way but we still haven’t done what we set out to do at the beginning of last because we’re dealing with so many internal struggles in season four we obviously have the security chief that somehow manages to break free but then we have the character of Palermo who continues to shock the group with his actions very selfish very overwhelmed and you can tell a lot of characters in this situation are overwhelmed Tokyo has always been that one character for me.

I feel like when it comes down to the big situation. she can’t necessarily handle herself both from a script and a character perspective may be as well as some of the others. but, I do like how this season obviously. we had the voice-over that carries us through and sometimes. it’s a bit on the nose sometimes it’s not but I do like how in this season she becomes a bit more of a be a character like she is really starting to justify her presence with me whereas in the other seasons. I was struggling to understand her skill set I was struggling to discern that from some of the others who are clearly there for a reason but you get that in this season you also get a lot of added drama within being almost held captive where they are trying their best to escape and of course. they need the help of the professor to do that. but, the professor is dealing with the loss of the woman. he loves or so he thinks right there are a lot of secrets that are being kept from our characters which creates mystery which creates intrigue and pushes this past just being a heist and I’ve said this every season right. I believe last season was the first season I actually got to review on this channel because I kind of caught up on the first two seasons to review that season. I was so upset with myself for being behind a season three was really fun for what it did. but, I almost I believe I prefer season four last season was epic in. its own right but in this season we get more revelations within the characters that are subdued and stuck in this situation and then we get that internal conflict and a lot of that comes from Palermo but we also get a bit more of fleshing out of the professor in his relationship with his brother who gets introduced to us in this situation and we get a lot of flashback scenes especially in the first couple of episodes. when we’re learning about this and how everything kind of connects to present-day really enjoyed those and the flashbacks in general and we always get those moments, especially with Tokyo’s voiceover. when she’s saying you know I remember this moment say. it’s a moment when we were just hanging out with the professor right and at the time we didn’ understand that these were the moments. that we’re going to hold close to us when we’re this close to death when we’re this close to accomplishing something that. we set out to accomplish and those are the scenes.0 I believe set this apart from other shows like this from other heist movies like this right now those are the very important and personal moments that allow you to connect to these characters and don’t get me wrong. there are a lot of characters and because of that some of those aren’t maybe fleshed out as well.

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