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In the course we have investigated the way in which the content of English news magazines such as the Times of London, the Financial Times and the Economist can be used as source material to investigate basic concepts and principles of the process of modern engineering, such as change, complexity, interaction, and complexity of a system.

Who is an RN?

RNs are the most highly trained nurses in the world. With over 200 years of specialized training, RNs hold advanced degrees and are skilled in a variety of areas, including clinical nursing.

Jobs and Scope

In addition to the required theoretical knowledge of the physical sciences, we have looked at the use of available supplementary material on the web. The University of Wisconsin-Madison is the only university in the U.S. to offer a graduate nursing assistant program. Our program graduates more RNs than any other school in the nation. Your nursing experience can continue at UW Milwaukee, where you will earn a degree that prepares you to be a health care worker in academic or clinical settings and in non-academic settings like community-based settings or long-term care facilities. The skills you learn in this program will prepare you for an exciting career in a variety of settings.

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