OnePlus 7 Pro long term Review

OnePlus 7 Pro long term Review

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I switched over to the 1 plus 7 Pro the main reason. why I switched over to this particular device was the display? it had this 90 Hertz display. what has this 90 Hertz displayed? very fast high refresh rate that just makes stuff look very smooth and when I first use this phone and I think this applies for any consumer or reviewer that just looks at a phone. that has a high refresh screen. it looks remarkably smooth and compares into something that is like the traditional 60 Hertz but then over time you question does this high refresh screen has an actual benefit does it bring an experience. that is truly useful for the average person and I will say that my opinion of these types of displays these faster refresh screens kind of shifted over the past eight months. okay, I’ll explain the majority of the time that you’re looking at your phone. you’re doing stuff on your phone. you’re either looking at a still image or text because you’re focusing on the content or you’re watching a video that’s probably playing at 24 maybe 30 frames per second occasionally 60 frames per second even twitch streamers. they can go to 120 frames per second sometimes but most twitch streamers even the most popular ones stream out at 60 frames per second. so the vast majority of the content that you’re consuming on your smartphone is going to be at 60 frames per second or slower.

it’s really only a handful of games and mainly the UI that take advantage of the 90 Hertz and then a fast UI is nice I mean a lot of people talk about how it’s like super important but is it really though like it’s nice to have a you know a faster refresh screen is smoother. but it’s not a game-changer. I don’t think at least not until the content and everything else catches up to display higher frame rate stuff the other thing. I liked the one plus 7 pro is the software. I think it has the best iteration of Android out there. I prefer it even over what pixels offer it’s super clean but also gives you this level of customization that I just like the fact. I can stick this icon pack onto this phone without having to download any extra launcher the fact that I can change the UI colors like it’s just it’s something that I like and I just really like the software the other thing. I noticed about this phone the software patches. yeah, you know a lot of phones get frequent software patches but I feel like with one plus they frequently update features on this phone that I actually care about like the RAM management the camera the accidental touch detection on the screen. there’s a lot of stuff that they’ve done to make this phone a better experience for me personally and I love that I just think one plus does their updates really well. I also want to talk about the build quality on this phone. I came from an iPhone 10 a steel-framed phone to an aluminum framed phone and this stuff is soft like. I’ve bumped it a few times I’ve dropped it a couple of times and it scratches very easily and I’ve actually cracked the back glass on it. I mean that’s what you get when the phone is cheaper. I get it but it’s something that you know if you’re an iPhone user and you’re used to that durable steel frame. it is a more fragile device but the good thing is that it’s cheaper way cheaper to repair this thing than an iPhone like this is I think 80 to $100 repair whereas an iPhone 10 is significantly more expensive because you have to replace the whole back of the phone not just the back glass the camera so one of the other prominent features of this cell is that it doesn’t have a front-facing camera well.

it does but it isn’t built into the screen or the bezel could be a} pop-up and that is also one amongst the features that I used to be drawn to once. I move to the current phone but I’ve noticed that it has been more inconvenient than I assumed it’d be like just the entire pop mechanism is a touch slow when I’m video conferencing I do pretty frequently you bought to attend for that thing to travel up and down and it’s okay. but, I going forward I do not know if I might choose another phone that did the pop-up mechanism due to just my personal use now the one plus 7 pro has been an awesome experience over the past eight months. it’s a straightforward phone to recommend an easy brand to recommend they are doing lots of stuff right. but, I desire the initial reason why I move to the current phone was a little bit short-sighted that whole pursuit of like high refresh higher frame rates on my phone screen. it’s cool. it’s just not lots of content at there takes advantage of it so if you’re within the marketplace for a brand new phone this year in 2020 because lots of brands are pushing out I refresh screens as sort of a flagship feature give some thought to the things that use your phone for and whether or not a high refresh screen can actually profit.

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