Realme 6 Pro vs Poco X2: Which Phone Worthful For You?

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Hey guys, this is a patient bemoan calm and this here is the new real me six pro that recently arrived in India at a starting price of 16999 and at that price. It goes head-to-head opposite this the poco x2. now I’ve been using this forcely large-scale so this is a detailed comparison of the real me 6-Pro Beside the poco x2 so, I stick to the end because we’ll be telling you our verdict.

let’s get started so this is the readme 6 Pro and the poco x2 alongside and both these phones have a very equal design Gorilla Glass 5 bags with apart gradient styles the real basics for having a more prime gradient and almost bezel as displays with Poncho’s yes .they have clear cut restyled camera setups but the looks are sort of subjective so I won’t go into that now when cuz the oprationaly both have the fingerprint scanner in the power button and in my time with the poco x2. I found it to be very quick and actual the readme 6 Pro side-mounted fingerprint scanner is fast too but I have found it a little finicky. I mean there are times when it’ll just fail to respond and that’s perhaps due to a software bug but it’s annoying so I’m hoping the enemy will fix things with an update apart from that both of these have the touchstone features like the headphone jack the single speaker USB C port.

But yeah real me 6 Pro has a three dual simplest microsd dedicated slot whnever the poco x2 has a hybrid dual SIM Plus micro SD coop anyone comes in hand filled combo of these phones are big and kind of hefty see the readme 6 pro weighs 202 grams which is close to the 208 grams of the poker x to the railway 6 pro is 8.8 millimeters thin which is again near to the 8.9 millimeters thickness of the poco x2 so as these are big phones and honestly, I don’t like this big form factor on either of them I just think these companies start making more compact phones now moving on to the screen both the cells have good refresh rataio IPS LCD 6.6 inch IPS LCD 90 Hertz on the real me 6 pro and 6.6 inch IPS LCD one to any hurts on the poco x2 to be both of these screens are very nice. yes, I love to pray for amyloids but when it make to these displays them as good as it gets with IPS LCD in this price rate when I compare them I search them to be equally cool and while the color are a bit different. I think both of these screens are empowerment comes to the quality apart from that there’s probably the refresh rate the 90 Hertz refresh rate on the readme six Pro vs the 120 has a refresh rate on the poco x2 now having used both these phones.

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