Samsung Galaxy M31 Honest Review – A Worthy Upgrade?

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The galaxy m31 might look like a tiny update over the galaxy empathy yes. but it shows that Samsung is willing to I trade fast enough to keep up with the Chinese competition. This smartphone gets a quad-camera set up and Android 10 out of the box, but it’s that enough for the Galaxy M series to be competitive at this price well. we review it to find out now before we go ahead with the full review of the galaxy m31.

The galaxy m31 feels comfortable to hold and it sides a curved which helps with grip. it sports a six-point four-inch AMOLED display with full HD plus resolution and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for protection the display has good viewing angles and is legible when outdoors face unlocking works well too there’s a capacitive fingerprint scanner at the back which is easy to read and unlocks to the phone quickly. we had space black variant for review and it picked up fingerprints and smudges very easily on the software front Samsung ships the new galaxy m31 with one UI 2.0 on top of A.droid 10 while one UI is pretty easy to use and comes with lots of useful features.

The galaxy m31 has bloatware and some spammy notifications from first-party apps such as my galaxy the galaxy m31 .it ships with the Exynos 9 6 1 1 SOC with 6 GB of RAM and either 64gb of storage or 128 GB of storage the galaxy m31 has a dedicated micro SD card slot as well Samsung has bumped up RAM on this mobile compared to its predecessor which should give it some leverage while multitasking. we did not notice any lag or Strato while using the smartphone and the device is fairly quick to load up apps however apps do take slightly longer since there is plenty of RAM tasking was a breeze.

we played pub G mobile on the galaxy m31 and the game defaulted to high settings with graphics set to HD and framerate set too high the game was playable at the settings. we did not notice any issues after playing for 20 minutes the device did get slightly warm to the touch in our HD video loop test. it lasted for 22 hours and 31 minutes with our usage the battery lasted us for close to 2 days without any issues. the galaxy m31 sports Accord camera set up at the back and you can see the specs on the screen now the galaxy m31 SRIA camera locks focus quickly and the photos had decent details text at a distance was legible on zooming in the wide-angle camera takes decent photos but we observe the barrel distortion at the edges and the details weren’t as good as the primary camera which you will notice if you zoom into these photos the galaxy m31 is capable of separating the subject and the background when shooting close-ups giving a natural depth effect however we felt that bright colors were reproduced too aggressively resulting in the loss of detail the macro camera takes decent shots out though but the quality dips.
when in the dose for portrait shots edge detection is best and the galaxy m31 does a good job of separating the subject from the background in low-light the galaxy m31 takes longer to lock focus so you will need to be patient while taking shots photos taken in low-light look good but you can notice fine grain in the output on zooming in switching to night mode helps to reduce grain in the output. now let’s take a look at the front camera specs of the galaxy m31 selfie is taken with the galaxy m31 were decent when shot with adequate lighting around. but it’s low-light the quality does go down a lot and results are grainy video recording maxes out at 4k for the primary rear camera as well The uses the wide-angle camera and crops the frame to minimize shakes we got well-stabilized output using this mode but the video lacked detail and there is no stabilization at 4k the galaxy m31 does not feel like a completely new device but more like an update to the galaxy m38 the exhaust 96:1 one is capable but we wouldn’t have complained if this phone had a more powerful processor to fend off the competition battery life is still. the main highlight and we could easily go on for two days without needing it to be plugged in something the competition at this price level cannot do very easily while the upgrades make the galaxy m31 slightly better and more versatile it isn’t a significant step up the redmi note 8 pro and remakes to still offer a lot’s of bang for your buck, but if you don’t really care about benchmarks and you want something that does the basics right and has great battery life then the galaxy m31 will do just fine and that was our review of the galaxy m31 now what do you think about the smartphone let us know in the comment section down below and as always for all things tech stay tune to catch 360 calm.

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