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what is web server?

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hello, friends, I am NEW JEM. you’re reading my New Article about the webserver. In this article, you will know what is a webserver and that description about webserver with examples. so let me define what is web server. a web server is a computer that runs websites. it is a computer program that distributes webpages as they are requested the basic objective of the webserver is to store process and deliver webpages to the users. this intercommunication is done using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol. these web pages are mostly static content that includes HTML, documents, images, style, sheets etc apart from HTTP. a web server also supports SMTP which means Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and FTP File Transfer Protocol for emailing and for file transfer and storage.

Now let it discuss the description of a web server the main job of the web server is to display the website content. if a web server is not exposed to the public and is used internally then it is called the intranet server. when anyone requests for a website by adding the URL or web address on web browsers like Chrome or Firefox address bar, for example, the domain name like ww.topdentistsonline.com the webserver is requested to present the content website to the user’s browser all web sites on the Internet have a unique identifier in terms of an IP address. this Internet Protocol address is used to communicate between different servers across the Internet. these days the Apache server is the most common web server available in the market.

Apache is open-source software that handles almost 70% of all AB sites available today most of the web-based applications are used Apache. as their default web server environment, another web server that is generally available is Internet Information Service. IAS is owned by Microsoft so the examples of web servers are Apache server and Internet Information Service. so, that’s all about some basic information about the webserver. the main job of a web server with examples so please stay tune our website for the latest technology articles so thank you for visit and share your friends also like our articles so thank you for visiting have a nice day.

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