What’s on my Galaxy S20 Ultra – REVIEW P2

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top big phones require big phone solutions so without having big hands you can always get two notifications and then I always disable Samsung daily that’s screened to the left of the home screen that’s on by default I never use it and then in the app drawer I sort by alphabetical which is what literally every other app drawer does by default except for Samsung’s and then that is pretty much it for my home screen behavior so now it’s working closer to the way I want it but there’s still a good amount of stuff to do for a Samsung phone number one default apps and Samsung is not the only one who’s guilty of putting their own versions of apps on their phones but there’s always a couple things that I change that I use more often than the first-party alternative so I’m always switching out google chrome to be my default browser and I’m always grabbing the messaging app by Google that’s always my default texting app on any Android phone and I also set G board the Google keyboard to be my default keyboard on every single phone no matter what also for those curious I use Spotify for like 99% of my music listening but I use pocket casts for podcasts even though I could do that and Spotify just because there’s more features and pocket casts and then Bixby we got to get rid of the last little bit of traces of Bixby so by default long pressing the power button will open Bixby so if you go into the settings and search for side key you can then set the double press of the power button to be whatever you want typically camera is easiest to remember and then press and hold doesn’t trigger Bixby you can just have it trigger the turning off the phone menu I guess that is the beauty of Android is they might put stuffing your way there might be bloatware but you can disable it you can remove things you can switch them up to actually be the way you want so that’s the last of Bixby then I go into the quick settings and just clean up those top quick settings to be just the ones I use the most often and then. I ever actually do need them I can always search in the settings to find them pretty easily so those are the quick settings that I used obviously Wi-Fi is up there and I do use flashlight a lot and then in that same menu there’s a quick panel layout which lets you show brightness on top and then you can uncheck show media and devices and so now every time you swipe down from the top brightness is always up there which it wasn’t before and then now with a couple phones there’s just so much RAM that you can there’s a feature that I’ll let you pin apps permanently in the RAM the Samsung phone is one of them so I do pin my tasks app which is tick tick in my RAM permanently I kind of experimented a bit with also pinning Spotify in there but I found I don’t use Spotify that much and it opens pretty quickly and it streams in the background fine so just my tasks app is always in the background and then there’s a couple other small things that I would call like pro tips they are from an Android police article that I shared not too long ago but I’ll leave it down below as well these are more advanced but they are a little tweaks that just work better when they’re enabled in my opinion so number one is use volume keys for media by default the volume piece switch your ringer volume so if no volume is playing I just want them to be purely media volume keys so hit the volume button swipe down tap volume keys from media and there you go and then also you can turn on show battery percentage in status bar all the time and Beauty again of searchable settings as you go into the settings and you literally just search show percent and it already knows you want to show % in status bar for the battery so that’s how you turn that on and I don’t know exactly how much better you have left and then the last one really good one how specifically to do with Google photos so I use Google photos as my default backup app for all photos and videos that I take on my phones they go straight to the cloud and then I can look at them on a bigger screen but to make sure they always upload as soon as you take the photo instead of hours later there’s a power optimization trick so the advice define this is to go into settings and search for optimized battery usage then click into that then click at the top optimize battery usage then switch to viewing all apps then search for photos and when you get the Photos app deselect it and so now that it’s out of that power optimization.you take them so there you have it if you do all of these things you’re now running your Samsung phone just like my Samsung phone of course there’s a bunch of tips that you can pick up for your own setup and I will say if you have your own setup tricks leave those in the comments section below I’ll heart some my favorite ones that can also give a better more optimized experience.

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