What’s on my Galaxy S20 Ultra – REVIEW

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this is what’s on my phone twenty twenty so this has somehow stayed at like the top of the the most requested list of what you guys want to see in the comments section no matter what’s going on people always asking hey where’s the Twenty twenty version so I’m going to show you guys what’s on my phone but with a little bit of a twist so I have showed the layout like the apps what’s on my phone before last year the year before I’ll link those videos below the like button if you want to see them check them out again this year my setup is again as you can see pretty similar to those see here you go to page setup again same general layout of the apps I mean I have slack on here now instead of group me and maybe one or two other apps are different but for the most part you can see what’s going on it’s very similar to before but the plot twist I guess that you can see is the phone I’m using on the daily right now is the samsung galaxy s 20 ultra as you can see for now I mean we both already know there’s a ton of phones on the horizon and I don’t typically stay with one phone for too long as a phone reviewer but this is further from the typical standard Google experience that I usually use as my daily driver you might be used to me having a pixel or one plus phone in these videos so I figured I would show you guys some tweaks some things that I do to make this phone feel a little bit more stock or at least behave more like the way I prefer it to that usually is default in stock phones and just generally the way as I sit to make in my own so that’s what i’ma show and before you even ask yes the wallpaper is first link with a like button if you want to check it out you don’t have to ask for that in the comments you’re welcome let’s get into it okay so with galaxy s 20 ultra first thing of course I did was switch to 120 Hertz you might recall it’s set to 1080p 60 Hertz out the box that’s in settings and display settings and motionsmoothness you happen to not be able to switch to 14 EP at this high refresh rate as you’re probably already aware but I’ll take under 20 Hertz over a barely perceivable increase in pixels per inch any day but then the second thing I’ve enabled is gesture navigation it’s the normal Android button layout at the bottom out-of-the-box but I am fully used to the gestures everywhere now and this is also time to be grateful for searchable settings by the way you don’t have to memorize which category which section everything you want to look for is in you just hit the search box type in pretty much exactly what you’re looking for and it comes up so I still use the default launcher with Samsung because you can’t as of right now use the gestures with a third-party launcher like Nova Launcher I believe that’s an update that’s pretty shortly coming and I love Nova Launcher but Samsung’s launcher for now is pretty workable first of all I always go into home screen settings with a long press and change a few things in here I always change the homescreen grid size to five by five across instead of the default four which looks a little bit cartoony and then in that same setting I turn on swipe down for notification panel so I can always swipe down into my notifications from anywhere instead of having to reach.

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